Miracle Monday cover

In late 2013, I took part in a class led by Chip Kidd, an award-winning designer for the publisher Alfred A. Knopf, on book-cover design. The goal of the Skillshare class was to “reimagine the cover of your favorite book.”

For my project, I chose Miracle Monday, a little-known Superman novel that was a favorite from my childhood. The summertime release of the movie Man of Steel reminded me of this book, which involves a battle between the hero and Satan for control of our earthly realm. As part of the class, I had to reread the novel and look for concepts that would help visualize the story, then find images and create eye-catching covers. Our designs had to represent the book as a unique work and/or as part of a series.

I created three successful cover concepts, each evoking a mood and key point. I’m sure any of these covers could be used if the novel is ever re-released.


Sample images from this project:
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Posted: January 2014