Who Is David Herman?

The communication of ideas has always been the main goal of my professional career. That means more than just a good design concept. Or a well-written article. Or photos that look great. To succeed, all three have to work together.

As a designer, editor, and photographer, I’ve been able to cut across these disciplines and get the most out of any given project. For example, my social-media work with Transportation Alternatives’ Brooklyn Activist Committee has merged my outreach and advocacy know-how with my design, edit, and photo skills in print and online. Working on the Civic News and Ecopolitics newsletters, I have redesigned the publications and designed full issues, creating highly effective layouts; written numerous articles and edited the work of others to bring out their messages; and taken lively photos to generate interest and emphasize meaning. Working on all three elements, I can make ideas stand out and information accessible to readers.

Of course, I am just as comfortable working on a single task, such as design projects or a photo assignment. And with my experience as an editorial and production manager, I am keenly aware of the need to meet deadlines, work well within an organization, and keep costs as low as possible.

In my career I have handled a variety of roles, including:

  • designer, writer/editor, and photographer for nonprofit and private clients
  • deputy director of public affairs for an elected official in New York City
  • account manager for a boutique public relations firm

My skills include: print and web design (this site is an example of the latter); photography; and writing and editing anything from news briefs to feature articles. Other interests include architecture, local and national politics, livable streets and a sustainable environment, and food and travel, all of which have informed my work at one time or another.

Browse through this site and get a feel for what I can do. Better yet, contact me for a full resume and additional information.

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