Seventh Inning Seder

One of a series of nontraditional seders — the dinner event for Passover — I have held over the years, the goal of this particular get-together was to tell the story of the holiday without using any sort of book. Instead, the story unfolded in a series of baseball cards.

Guests received their invitations as tickets (see all key elements of this project in the gallery at right).. When they sat around the dinner table, each got a wrapped package of Seventh Inning Seder cards (which included a piece of Bazooka bubble gum from Israel). I called out the order of the seder as a play-by-play announcer; everyone could then take a turn to read aloud the back of their card when needed to tell the story in full.

One of my favorite projects over the years, the cards were designed as homage to Topps baseball cards of my past. They required a good deal of research to find photos (on the web and in old Yankees yearbooks), which had to be manipulated in Photoshop to suit my purposes. The entire script was written using the language of baseball. A good time was had by everyone who came to play that night.


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Posted: April 2002