Civic Council Website

When I was named editor and designer of the Park Slope Civic Council’s Civic News newsletter, I also became its webmaster: writing and editing new content for the site, coordinating when and how information was posted, and managing the local nonprofit’s presence on the web.

The existing site was hard to use and to read: The time was ripe for a full redesign to help the Civic Council reach a larger audience.

Working with local web designers mimoYmima, I evaluated our needs and shaped how best to accomplish our goals. We opened up the site with stronger graphics, color, and type; we chose WordPress for our content management system, making the site easier to use and increasing functionality.

Overall, the redesign was very successful, giving the community easier access to vital information. I wrote, edited, and photographed for posts on the site, and handled e-mail updates and tweets for new entries.

Civic Council website


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Posted: January 2013